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Pacifiers have changed so much over the years. Our personalized bling baby pacifier is perfect for parents who are looking for stylish bling accessories for their little ones for big occasions like weddings, birthdays, parties, special events etc 


Our handmade personalized bling baby pacifiers are cute, beautiful and versatile for any occasion. Some parents also love it as a pregnancy announcement item. Grand parents, aunties and uncles love it as a baby shower gift, some love it as a welcome home baby gift.


These customized/personalized bling baby pacifier and pacifier clips come in several colors, designs, sizes and styles. They can be personalized or customized with any name of your choice. Your little prince or princess will sparkle and shine through at any event or family occasion. 


Our bling baby personalized pacifier and pacifier clip are made with the Nuk and Avent style orthodontic pacifier. They are also Non-Toxic and Rust free. These handcrafted products are BPA, PVC, lead and Phthalates free. They comply with regulatory requirements and meet safety standards for children's products.


The Bling Baby Pacifiers, Pacifier Clips, Pacifier Cases, Thermal Containers and Feeding Bottle Caps are handmade with Crystal Rhinestone. They are uniquely crafted and are loved by many. Our handmade customized bling baby bottle and pacifier sets are definitely the most beautiful gifts you can give any one.


Our personalized pacifier clips, luxury pacifier, custom pacifiers with rhinestones come in several designs that can match your outfit for any occasion. Most personalized pacifiers bought on amazon are different from ours. Our Bling Baby Pacifiers are 18k gold plated and are light weight. These personalized baby gifts can be personalized along with a pacifier clip with any name. The sizes are from 0-18M. They are great for teething babies and come with a rhinestone pacifier clip.


They are great as keepsake memories for your little ones in their memory boxes for years to come. Our eye catching collection are the best gift sets for Baby Showers, Christenings, Gender Reveal parties and more.

These items are memorable and because every product is hand made with care we advise you use them with care.