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What Is An Appropriate Gift For A Baby Shower?

What Is An Appropriate Gift For A Baby Shower?

A baby shower is a very exciting and festive occasion. Babies bring so much joy to not only the parents but also friends and extended family.

You may be invited to or are attending a baby shower in the near future and are wondering to yourself, what is an appropriate gift for a baby shower? The good news is that there are some baby shower gifts that will be perfect for you to bring to your event. Continue reading to find out more about what to consider buying and to discover items you know the mom-to-be will love.


Organic Clothing

One popular idea is to not only pick out cute clothes but to opt for organic baby clothes. You truly can’t go wrong with eco friendly baby products of all sorts. If you know it’s going to be a boy or girl then you can choose outfits according to their gender. For instance, there are outfits from sizes newborn to 12 months, in either gender or gender neutral, that will be a perfect fit. If it’s a girl then you may want to have some fun with it and select a pretty lace romper.  


Bottles & Pacifiers

Every mom will need bottles and pacifiers to keep their baby happy and well-fed. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with this type of gift. Some luxury shops such as Rubybellebaby even sell 18-carat gold plated accessories that you can include as part of your gift. The uniquely crafted handmade bottles and accessories will not only be functional and practical, but can be a wonderful keepsake for you to have and cherish forever.


Blankets & Nursing Pillows

Every baby wants and needs to feel warm and secure. Therefore, another appropriate gift for a baby shower is luxury blankets and nursing pillows. You can get them made from cotton, satin, or even blinged out with rhinestones. Embellished baby blankets, pillows, and swaddles will ensure that the baby you’re buying for feels comfortable (and looks stylish!) at all times and sleeps well.


Activity or Play Mat

Every baby loves and needs to have playtime throughout the day. Consider purchasing personalized mats and matching pillows so the baby can stretch out and roll around on the floor. This type of luxury gift will make the new baby feel like a king or queen. Activity mats can help a child to learn critical hand eye coordination as well as keep them entertained for hours on end. What parent wouldn’t want that?


Nest or Basket

Babies usually don’t start out sleeping in the crib right away. Another appropriate gift for a baby shower is a nest or Moses basket that they can rest and sleep in. There are many styles and colors to choose from so it all depends upon what you think the mom and baby will like best. It’ll be the perfect addition to the home and nursery and help the baby to transition into a crib.



You now have a better idea of what is an appropriate gift for a baby shower and have many great eco-friendly baby shower gifts to choose from. Now the question will be which eco friendly baby products and organic baby clothes items and styles you think will be best suited for the mom and baby you’re buying it for. Have fun shopping and enjoy the happy look on the guest of honor’s face when she opens your lovely gift.